Cosmic Opera is an intimate, extrasensory dance event series combining the cast and high-value production of a renaissance or opera spectacle with an over-the-top dance music concert. Set to take place in the beautiful Hammerstein Ballroom, Cosmic Opera will combine electronic music, art, and production in its highest form from across the centuries. Industry leaders in theater, event production, visual design, technology and music performance have teamed up to create a state-of-the-art, next-generation experience.
The Cosmic Opera series will open in New York City this winter, once a month, for three months in a row.
Electronic music and theatrical production will be rolled into one, with never-before seen laser and lighting elements integrated with dramatic, opera-themed activations spread throughout the venue. Audiences will never be hundreds of feet away from the experience. They will be part of it.


There is currently no time period in the New York music calendar that is highly anticipated by DJs and fans. Every year, the people of Miami and the global electronic music world look forward to March for Winter Music Conference (WMC), Miami Music Week, Ultra, and Masquerade Motel. Every year in Austin, Texas fans can’t wait for the weeks that South by Southwest (SXSW) descends upon the city. In New York, one of the premiere entertainment destinations in the world, an epicenter of performance, history, and music culture — there is no time period for events like SXSW or WMC. This year, music lovers in NY will now have Cosmic Opera to look forward to and enjoy in late winter / spring.


Fans, critics, managers and performers themselves, agree that the atmosphere and experience that the venue brings is sometimes overlooked, but crucial for an unforgettable event. Hammerstein is different than all other venues in NY. It’s one of the most well- respected, iconic music venues, and has been the home to symphonies, rock legends like Bob Dylan, pop stars like Alicia Keys, hip-hop moguls like Jay Z and some of the greatest performances history.

Hammerstein, a landmark opera house from 1906, is a performance venue offering endless production possibilities, an 80-foot ceiling, beautifully sculpted architecture and perfect acoustic construction. Given its history, cultural significance and design, the venue is the inspiration and the perfect home for an event of this proportion.


The first Chapter begins with ACT 1 this February in New York. Then Cosmic Opera will come back for ACT 2 in April, and ACT 3 in May. Chapter 1 of the Opera will be then complete, possibly as the final conclusion – or possibly to reemerge in the distant future for Chapter 2?


Dance music is different from all other musical genres because inherently it is participatory. We don’t just listen – we dance. It is a revolutionary art form, tied to revolutionary technologies, and to the revolutionary wave of communication. To go with it, New York will receive a new brand of events.


Dance music is founded on collaboration, so is Cosmic Opera. The team collaborating to build Cosmic Opera is at the top of their respective industries, with a few scientists and theatrical directors added to the mix.

From the lasers, being custom built using never-before-seen lighting systems by the team that installed the lasers on the Pyramids of Egypt, to the video production team that put together films like “Requiem for a Dream” and TV shows like “The Soprano’s” and “Sex and The City.” The team also includes a Production Manager who oversees The World Science Festival and Lincoln Center Special Events. Cosmic Opera’s Visual Director has been behind diverse infamous performances ranging from Diana Ross, to Lady Gaga, to Pavarotti at MSG, and cutting edge and groundbreaking nightclubs such as the 8300 person venue “Ageha” in Tokyo and the notorious but intimate after-hours theater, “The Box.” The High-Tech Director, is an aerospace engineer who initially design weapons for the Department of Defense, now taking his knowledge for a more creative outlet. And finally Cosmic Opera’s Theatrical Director from The Nerve Tank, named “One to Watch” in 2011, and named among NYTheater’s “People of the Year” in 2012, will be crafting custom sets, story-boarded theatrical showcases, and adding theatrical performers / opera performers to add to the experience. This team has come together for a challenge. To change everything you think you know about events, and what’s possible.