Cosmic Opera is expanding and has begun hiring part-time employees and interns.

We are seeking outgoing and fun people who are hard working, and most importantly – problem solvers. Depending on your roles and responsibilities you may receive pay for part-time work, or college credit. The position will be 3-months to start, after that period full-time positions will be hired. Not everyone will be eligible after 3-months, and those that aren’t will walk away with excellent connections, recommendations for other jobs, and an extremely unique experience.

The basic requirements to apply are:

1) You must be proficient with Microsoft office. Word and PowerPoint at a minimum. Proficiency in Excel is not required, but recommended.
2) We operate using Google platforms. You must be comfortable working with Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Spreadsheet, etc.
3) If you’re in college, you must be over 19-years old to apply for this job. Cosmic Opera is not a 16+ festival or 18+ concerts like many others. And you must be old enough to work, and be present, at the actual events.
4) If you are proficient in any of the Adobe Suite programs, let us know. It is not required, but if you can use Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign, make sure to include that. 5) You need to be detail-oriented, reliable and a hard worker.

Before Applying please note:

1) This is not a 9AM-5PM position. You must be willing to work at various times that could frequently change. Sometimes working till hours late at night, especially when a concert is approaching. If you can’t operate on little sleep – this job is not for you.
2) You must be located in the NY area and willing to be in NYC at any time.
3) This is not an “office” job. You wont be required to come to an office, or work in office attire, but you must be willing to work from different locations within Manhattan. We frequently work from Central Park. So, if you have really bad allergies, maybe this job isn’t for you.
4) We strictly “work” out our events; we don’t “attend” our events. If you want this job so you can have an All Access Pass and party at Cosmic Opera – This job is not for you. We have zero tolerance in this area, and you must be professional at all times.
5) We attend many concerts and similar events for business purposes, if you cannot act professional at other events when representing Cosmic Opera; this job is not for you.
6) We are frequently working alongside two dogs. They’re well trained and very sweet, but if you’re scared of dogs, again – this job is not for you.
7) Most importantly: the work we do is extremely confidential in nature. You will be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. If you feel that you will be unwilling to do so, please do not apply.

We are hiring all types of positions in fields ranging from: marketing, social media, office administration, strategic partnership (sponsorship and otherwise), event operation, PR/press, web-design, graphic design, talent coordination, etc.

If you don’t know some of these areas, we will help teach them to you. If you are specifically experienced in one or more of these areas, please let us know.

Please send a cover letter and resume to

Thank you,
The Cosmic Opera Team